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High density EEG Lab

Recording are performed by using a 128-channel Geodesic EEG System (Electrical Geodesics, Inc., Eugene, OR, USA) and a HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net that arrays the sensors (AgCl coated electrodes) in a geodesic pattern over the surface of the head. It includes 19 contacts at the equivalent 10-20 system locations. Consistent positioning is achieved by aligning the Sensor Net with skull landmarks (nasion, vertex, and preauricular points). With high input impedance amplifiers (Net Amps300), low noise EEG is obtained with sensor-skin impedances maintained below 100 kΩ.

Stereo-EEG Lab

Recording are performed by using a Nihon Koden amplification system, allowing to record up to 200 channels, sampling at 1Khz, and including stereo-EEG channels, EMG, EOG, EKG and digital events.

Analysis are performed by using a custom made Matlab software developed at the Brain Center of Social and Motor Cognition. This software allows us to analyze stereo-EEG data in both the time-frequency domain - up to the High-Gamma frequency band - and the classic event-related potentials procedure (iERP).


Recordings are performed using a 3 Tesla General Electrics scanner equipped with an 8-channel receiver head-coil.

Single Unit recording Lab

We have four labs endowed with complete recording and stimulation systems.
Two are equipped with a 16-channels Omniplex system (Plexon), one with a 16 channels AlphaLab system (AlphaOmega) and one with a Bak recording system.

The labs are also provided with complete setup for training and recording under fully controlled conditions. Equipment includes 50 Hz infrared eye-tracking systems, solid and liquid reward delivery systems and TTL devices (Crist instruments) for the monitoring of subjects's performance, as well as LabView based software for the control of the behavioral paradigms

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